Shelby County ARES®
800 Fair Road • Sidney, Ohio 45365

December 2017​


Thank You for your Support!

On behalf of Shelby County Amateur Radio Emergency Services, Congratulations to those of you that won a prize, and a BIG THANK YOU, to those of you that supported our organization. It is with your support, that SCARES is able to maintain our amateur emergency communucation trailer, and our amateur radio repeaters in good working order, and ready for most situations.

We hope you all have a Great 2018, and we look forward to your support of our new raffle starting in August.

Thank You!
Grant Reed, N8KZL
SCARES Emergency Coordinator

Amateur Radio in Support of Shelby County, Ohio, Emergency Management Agency. Amateur radio repeater call signs K8ZUK, 146.835 (-), Tone 156.7Hz and KE8BCY, 443.200 (+), Tone 156.7Hz.

Shelby Co. A.R.E.S.® (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), is an organization comprised of about forty licensed amateur radio operators. The members of this organization volunteer their time and equipment for use during emergency, and non-emergency communications situations.

Shelby Co. A.R.E.S., supports agencies such as, Shelby County EMA, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Shelby Co. Health Department, Shelby County Sheriff, Sidney Police, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, and any other agency or organization, in Shelby, or surrounding counties, requesting our assistance to provide emergency communications. Our operators are also trained by members of the National Weather Service, to spot and report severe weather, relaying important information via amateur radio, directly to the National Weather Service. The NWS may issue warnings based on our information. This part of the amateur service is known as Skywarn.

Some of our communications include the support to the Sheriff, and police, for missing children. We have manned shelters and supplied communications for flood, and winter storm victims. We are activated during severe weather for Skywarn, and we support the community in providing communications for parades, bike-a-thons, festivals,

Our organization is a 501 c 3, Non-Profit organization recognized by the Federal Government. We rely on fundraisers, and donations, to support our needs for radio equipment, and maintenance, of both of our amateur repeaters, and our mobile communications vehicles SCARES I and II.

For more information please contact:
Grant Reed, N8KZL

Shelby Co. ARES EC
Home Phone: (937) 492-7366

 Date                    Item                                                                Winner                     Location                         Winning Number

Dec. 01, 2017     Henry Lever Action H010 45/70                  JR Willis ​                   Springfield, OH               310

Dec. 04, 2017     Remington RP9 9mm  18+1​                        
Jerry S                      Sidney, OH                      230

Dec. 05, 2017     Remington 870 Combo 12 Ga​                   
Mark S                       Sidney, OH                    

Dec. 06, 2017     S&W M&P 9 Shield   9mm​                           
Mike B.                      McCartyville, OH            369

Dec. 07, 2017     Henry H001 .22 Rifle​                                    Mark Y.                      Sidney, OH                     650

Dec. 08, 2017     S&W MR 45 ACP​                                          
Dean E.                      Urbana, OH                   952

Dec. 11, 2017     Remington R-51 9mm​                                 
Woody A.                   Casstown, OH               338

Dec. 12, 2017     Ruger LC9 9mm​                                            
Ron B .                       Brookville, OH               232

Dec. 13, 2017     Remington 1100 Syn. 12 Ga. Black​            
Ron M.                      Paulding, OH                 121

Dec. 14, 2017     Kahr CM45   45 ACP​                                    
Kim P.                        Sidney, OH                    450

Dec. 15, 2017     Del-ton AR-15 ECHO 316M Carbine​          
Jerry W.                      Anna, OH                      772

Dec. 18, 2017     Henry H001L .22 Large Loop​                    
Anthony S.                  Wapakoneta, OH         667

Dec. 19, 2017     Beretta M9 9mm​                                         
Andy E.                        Port Jefferson, OH      147

Dec. 20, 2017     Henry Golden Boy H004 .22​                     
Mike C.                        Anna, OH                     166

Dec. 21, 2017     S&W 638 Stainless 38 Special​                   
Nikki S.                        Conover, OH               088

Dec. 22, 2017     Kel-Tec PF9 9mm​                                        
Mark A.                       Anna, OH                     829

Dec. 25, 2017     Del-ton AR-15 ECHO 316M Carbine​          
Dean E.                       Urbana, OH                 044    

Dec. 26, 2017     Beretta APX 9mm​                                       
Kevin Z.                       Sidney, OH                  115

Dec. 27, 2017     Beretta Nano 9mm ​                                    
Shawn S.                     Sidney, OH                   132 

Dec. 28, 2017     Remington R1 1911 SS 45  ACP​                
Phil L.                          Urbana, OH                 903

Dec. 29  2017     Beretta CX4 Storm  90 series                   
Larry & Carol Y.           Mt. Blanchard, OH     895