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 SKYWARN is the National Weather Service network of volunteer citizens, public service and emergency management people working to provide the National Weather Service (NWS) with first-hand weather spotting observations during severe weather events. Amateur Radio Operators comprise the backbone of many spotter networks through out the United States. In this area of the United States the primary severe weather threat comes from Severe Thunder Storms, Tornados and flooding from heavy rains. Amateur Radio Operators, or "Hams", participate not only as spotters but also provide the communications infrastructure to rapidly, reliably and accurately get severe weather reports into the hands of the NWS in order to expedite warnings being issued to the general public.


Severe Weather
Tornadoes, funnel clouds, wall clouds, and persistent cloud rotation.
Structural damage from tornadoes or severe wind gusts.
Any trees uprooted or downed.
Multiple large healthy limbs downed (at least 3" in diameter).
Hail of 1/2" diameter or larger.
Hail covering the ground.
Do not report lightning.

Flooding & Rainfall
1" or more of rainfall in one hour or less (measured).
Flooding that results in evacuations or rescues.
Cars or trailers carried away by flood waters.
Water entering the main level of homes or businesses.
Roads closed or impassable due to high water.
Rapidly rushing water across roadways.
More than one foot of water across roads.
Small streams overflowing their banks.

Winter Weather
1" or more of snow per hour.
1" or more of snow in the past 24 hours.
When first measuring 2", 4", or 6" of snow.
Storm total snowfall and snow depth.
Any freezing rain or freezing drizzle.
Any thunder or lightning associated with winter precipitation.

To obtain a spotter's guide, please attend one of the spotter's training classes.  A schedule of spotters classes can be found at:

Check out SKYWARN Shelby County, Ohio on

Shelby County SKYWARN activates when severe weather for Shelby County is imminent. County coordinators report to Dayton SKYWARN, W8OK on the 146.835- PL 156.7, K8ZUK repeater in Maplewood, Ohio. The backup is the 147.000+ PL 100, W8FTV repeater  in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Spotters in Shelby County report to the county coordinator on 443.200+ PL 156.7, KE8BCY repeater in Sidney, Ohio. Since all of the above repeaters have been updated to the Fusion DR-1X, please us the FM mode only when checking in to SKYWARN nets. The 442.350 D-STAR repeater will be linked to Reflector 039C during severe weather events, as well.

The  use of Weather Radios, especially those that are S.A.M.E. capable, are a good way to keep up with impending weather.  The NWS transmits from Cridersville on 162.400MHz and from Dayton on 162.475MHz

S.A.M.E. codes for Shelby and surrounding counties:
Shelby (039149)
Auglaize (039011)
Logan (039091)
Miami (039109)
Mercer (039107)
Darke (039037)

S.A.M.E. codes for other Ohio counties:

Weather Radar
NWS Wilmington: (free)

WeatherUnderground: (free) 

Weather Radar applications available for download:





Other useful weather links:
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Shelby County ARES® Skywarn Contacts:
Joe Clark          KC6NLX
Bryon Rowan  N9BCR